January Appeal 2018

The prayer for peace is one of the central pillars on which our Maryknoll spirituality is built. It can’t be separated from any of the work we do, from the quiet of the chapel to the missions in which our Sisters serve under difficult and often dangerous conditions. In the words of our Foundress, Mother Mary Joseph: “God is love, and where love is, there is God—there is peace.” As our Holy Father Pope Francis has pointed out, there is more to Peace than just an end to wars and physical violence. It requires true friendship among people, and a striving for social justice which will remove the anger that motivates people toward violence. Part of this is achieved through active advocacy and persuasion, to change minds and win hearts. Part of it is achieved through ministry to help those whose lives, because of poverty and injustice, seem far from peaceful. And part of it is achieved through prayer and contemplation.


The Maryknoll Sisters Contemplative Community was established in 1932 in order to support the work of the order’s missions through prayer, contemplation, retreats, study, counseling, and participation in the liturgy. In addition, many of our other Sisters devote themselves fully to a prayer ministry after their labors “in the fields” have come to an end, but it is far from a form of retirement!

Sister Rita Kane, M.M.

Sister Rita Kane, M.M., served for many years in Hawaii, where she worked as a pro-bono advocate for youth who were in legal trouble and could not afford expensive lawyers. She was a strong supporter of the Maryknoll mission in Haiti, and that country and its people are now the focus of her prayer ministry at the age of 97.

Sister Pat Norton, M.M.

Sister Pat Norton, M.M., was stationed in Korea, where she worked as a nurse and also as an advocate for just and safe working conditions in factories. She also did teaching and pastoral work in China. Now she is a member of our Monrovia retirement community, and prays for peace and justice to come to El Salvador. That Central American country has a long history of violence, most recently due to the presence of internationally active criminal gangs, such as MS-13.

It is thanks to the generosity and support of friends like you that these Sisters have been able to bring so much help and inspiration to so many people… and it’s because of that same support that they are able to continue furthering their ministry now through prayer-based activity.


Any help you can provide, will make a great difference in the lives of the people we serve in places like Africa, Latin America, Asia, and right here at home. By providing the fuel that propels our ministries, you are right there beside our Sisters helping to save lives, promote peace and justice, and put the Word of God into action!

God bless you for your friendship.

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