Inside Card

“No longer shall your sun go down or your moon disappear: for the Lord shall be your Light forever.” (Isaiah 60:20)

Canticle of Light
To Our Lady of the Light

O sun, stars, moon — praise you your Light —
Whose rays inflame the cold, stark night.

O stars whose fires kindle skies,
I saw you dancing in her eyes
Before the skies were made!

O moon who wears twin lilies white,
I saw her feet pursuing night
Before the flowers were made!

O sun whose flames conceive the days,
I heard her magnify my praise
Before the day was born!

O lightning spearing east to west
I saw a sword transpierce her breast
Before lightnings were loosed!

O radiant bridge whose archways glow,
I saw her tears through laughter flow
Before rainbows were spanned!

O sun, stars, moon — praise you the Light
Whose rays eternal shatter night!

Sister Mary Alma Erhard, M.M.