Sister Barbara Barr

Sister Barbara Barr

Sister Barbara Barr, M.M.

Current Ministry Location – Maryknoll Sisters Center, NY

Sister Barbara was born in the Canal Zone of the Republic of Panama and entered the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation in 1947. Assigned to Bolivia in 1952, she taught in Maryknoll Elementary Schools throughout the country. She also did In-service Education of Teachers from 1972-1979. During this time Sister Barbara helped turn-over their Parish schools to lay teachers and then worked with informal groups in the rural areas for Scripture study and empowerment of women. She wrote the scripts for religion classes on Primary-school-by-Radio Programs as well as a series of booklets on discrimination, domestic violence and other effects of Patriarchy in women’s lives.

Sister Barbara returned to the Maryknoll Center to do Congregational Service from 1990-1994. She later went back to Bolivia and did pastoral work with women, communications and Regional services.

In 1999, Sister Barbara went back to the Center to do service, later becoming a retired volunteer.