Sister Beatrice (Bea) Carvalho

Sister Beatrice Carvalho, M.M.

Current Ministry Location-Maryknoll Sisters Center

Sister Bea, from Hawaii, HI, entered Maryknoll in 1944. While she was still a student in Maryknoll schools, she was a hostess to Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, founder of the Maryknoll Sisters. She confided in our founder, who encouraged her to pursue her wish to join Maryknoll, which she did in 1944. Sister Bea earned her B.A. in Education from Maryknoll Teachers College in 1950 and was then assigned to Nicaragua.

Sister Bea first taught at a school in Sinua, Nicaragua. The people appreciated this opportunity for their children to learn: “They had never had a school, and we rarely had any absentees”.

In 1986, Sister Bea moved to Mexico City and was principal of a bilingual primary and commercial high school. She was also a teacher in a Jesuit primary and high school in Puebla. After being assigned to the Mexico/Guatemala region in 1986, Sister Bea joined a pastoral team in Mezquital outside Guatemala City, Guatemala. They lived in a low-income housing area next to a squatter settlement.

Sister Bea was then assigned to Hawaii and to her alma mater, St. Anthony High School in Maui, where she served as a teacher, counselor and guidance department chairperson until the Maryknoll Sisters left Maui after 53 years.

From 2001-2005, Sister Bea returned to the United States and became co-director of the orientation program for women entering Maryknoll. After this, she was assigned to Monrovia, CA, and to the Maryknoll community there.

In 2012, Sister Bea returned to the Maryknoll Sisters Center where her current ministry focuses on prayers for Guatemala, Mexico and Panama.