Sister Marie Lynch

Lynch, Marie

“I am always inspired by the generous spirit of the team members in this formation program.  With their enthusiasm as volunteer teachers they testify to that spirit of joy of the gospel about which Pope Francis writes.”

Having been a Maryknoll Sister for over 50 years, Sister Marie Lynch has been accompanying the Peruvian and Bolivian people ever since she joined the congregation on September 2, 1959.

Her love for teaching and her desire to be with people complemented the ministries that she has pursued from being a teacher in Lima, Peru, a principal in Guayamerin, Bolivia; and a teacher/catechist in the Prelature of Juli, Peru and now in Tacna, Peru.

As part of a Diocesan team she also collaborated in starting a family religious education program in Tacna, Peru.  In 2006 she began work as the coordinator of a Formation Program for pastoral agents in Tacna.

This program was begun by Maryknollers at the request of the Bishop in 1992.   The Maryknollers formed a group of lay people to join them in this work.   In 2015 Sister Marie turned the coordination of the program over to the Diocesan team, however she continues teaching in the Bible formation program.  The goal is always to stimulate the desire of the laity to be integral participants in the building of their Christian community which also allows them to realize how important their participation in every aspect of society is.  Along with this work Sister Marie makes pastoral visits to the homebound and participates in a weekly bible reflection group.

In journeying with the people, Sister Marie thinks of mission as “entering into a relationship with the people with whom you are living, working and building Christian community. That community becomes a testimony of God’s love; a community of solidarity with each other that responds to the challenges of today.”