Sister Marilyn Snediker


In visiting the Guatemala/Mexico area, I fell in love with the people and I was deeply impressed the level of their faith. Violation of human rights was remarkable and especially for the indigenous people. This inspired me to go back and do healing ministry to help bring people together for more constructive purpose.”

Born on April 23, 1929 in Kankakee, Illinois, Sister Marilyn Snediker entered Maryknoll in 1964 in Valley Park, N.Y. She professed her first vows on June 24, 1967 and her final vows on October 18, 1970.

In 1968, Sister Marilyn began working as a staff nurse in Maryknoll Residential Care. Later that year, she left for a midwifery course in London, England. In 1970, Sister Marilyn received her mission assignment to Tanzania. While there, she attended Swahili language school in Makoko. After brief period of service in Africa, Sister Marilyn returned to the Maryknoll Sisters Center in New York in 1972 for Congregational Services, where she served in various capacities in Maryknoll healthcare, treasury and secretariat departments. She was also a staff member for Social Concerns.

In 1987, Sister Marilyn visited Guatemala and was touched by the people’s way of life and their intense faith despite the difficulties they faced following violence, injustice and oppression. Sister Marilyn became so inspired that she requested to be assigned to Guatemala where she felt she could be source of hope for the broken hearts of the marginalized persons.

Her request to try new mission opportunities in Central America was granted and so she left that same year for Guatemala to join with other Maryknoll Sisters. For her twelve years of mission in Guatemala, Marilyn worked together with other Maryknoll Sisters promoting human dignity through education, healthcare and establishment of community- based income generating projects, with a special emphasis on women, especially the marginalized and poor in the villages who had very few opportunities.

In 1999, Sister Marilyn returned once again to the Maryknoll Sisters Center in New York where her continued presence has been felt through her optimistic outlook, cheerfulness, care and concern for others. Sister Marilyn is currently an active and prayerful member of the Eden community.

Maryknoll, NY