Sister Mary Elizabeth Keyser

Keyser, M ElizabethSister Mary Elizabeth Keyser

Born and raised in St. Matthias Parish, Philadelphia, Sister Mary Elizabeth Keyser has worked in catechetics, as a school principal and religious education instructor during her nearly 80 years as a Maryknoll Sister.

She was initially assigned to catechetical work at the historic San Juan Bautista Mission, San Juan Bautista, CA, from 1943-1947. Then, after two years working at Bethany House, a home for ill and elderly Maryknoll Sisters in Ossining, NY, Sister Mary Elizabeth was sent to Bolivia, where worked as a principal in Riberalta, then Cochabamba, for nearly ten years.

She was then sent to Chile where she taught Grades 3 through 5 in Santiago from 1959-1962, supervised religious education instruction in Talcuhano from 1962-1971, served as Executive Secretary of the Instituto de Catequesis Latino Americano in Santiago, overseeing general administration of programming from 1971-1973, provided a prayer presence, while also serving in pastoral and catechetical ministry at a local parish in El Quisco from 1974-1979, director of the Carmelite House of Prayer, Santiago, from 1979-1984, and finally as coordinator for the Center House of the Chile Region, also in Santiago, from 1990-1992.

She currently lives in retirement at the Maryknoll Sisters Center.

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