Sister Mary Lou Andrews

Sister Mary Lou AndrewsSister Mary Lou Andrews, M.M.

Current Ministry Location- Maryknoll Sisters Center

Sister Mary Lou, from Utica, New York, came to Maryknoll in 1949 after receiving her RN degree.  In 1952 she went to Likiep, Marshall Islands, where she was the only medical person, and she set up a maternity clinic.

Her next assignment was in a larger maternity clinic, this time in Bujangija, Tanzania. She and African nurses delivered between eighty and one hundred babies each month at the clinic. They also covered six safari clinics within a fifty-mile radius, where they gave pre-natal and well-baby care.

Sister Mary Lou then returned to the United States and was coordinator of the place where senior Maryknoll Sisters lived at our center (now known as Chi-Rho, Eden, and Rogers communities), where she used her administrative and pastoral gifts. After that, she engaged in family and parish ministry in St. Thomas parish in New Hartford, New York, while she cared for her elderly parents.

Sister Mary Lou then studied Spanish and for ten years was assigned to Somotillo, Nicaragua, where she accompanied people in their ministries. Sister Mary Lou is now retired and living in Maryknoll, New York, where she stays active in mission through prayer ministry and writing to prisoners.


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