Sister Dolores Rosso


Maryknoll,  NY

United States

Impressed with the multiethnic composition of the Maryknoll Sisters High School in Honolulu, Sister Dolores Rosso thought, “I would love to teach in that school.” Her desire became reality in 1949 when she was assigned to Hawaii.

drosso_lgSister Dolores’s only appointment as a teacher was in Maryknoll School where she taught English and Religion for twenty-two years. After school she visited the parents leading to friendships that gave a family connection for each student. Now more than thirty former students teach at Maryknoll High School. She was invited  by a small group of alumni members to activate the alumni organization and became Executive Director for the new Alumni Office for eleven years.

Sister Dolores entered Maryknoll in 1943 from Philadelphia, PA. She has a B.Ed. from Maryknoll Teachers College and an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Hawaii. In her third career she was appointed Director of the Maryknoll Sisters Archives in NY and for seven years assisted in the preparation of the move to the seminary building of the combined Maryknoll Mission Archives. She earned certificates in various aspects of archives documentation, preservation, storage, etc.

On her return to Hawaii she became Executive Director of the Spiritual Life Center, an ecumenical center for retreats, workshops and other activities, with a Contemplative Outreach Program.

After serving for a year as Regional Archivist, she was asked to return to New York as a member of the Planning Committee for both a General Assembly and an historic Congregational Gathering held in 1997.

Back in Hawaii, she was unanimously elected as Coordinator of the Regional Leadership Team for three years. Then got back to her work on the Central Pacific Region’s Archives related to education “which was our reason for being here from the beginning.” She was also asked to write the History of the Maryknoll Sisters in Hawaii.

“To keep my mind alert and following a long dormant desire, I have taken classes in Hawaiian language. Great teacher, great handouts, no tests, no required homework – no stress.”

On May 1, 2010, Sister Dolores was welcomed to the Chi Rho community in the Maryknoll Sisters Center, N.Y.