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Maryknoll Sisters give witness to God’s love and devote our lives in service overseas to help those in need.

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Our Work

Making God’s Love Visible

The Maryknoll Sisters believe that we are all part of “One Earth Community”… that all of us—regardless of race, nationality, gender, background or personal identity—are all connected as a human family, with each other and with all creation.


We give witness to God’s love and devote our lives in service overseas. As nurses, doctors, teachers, theologians, social workers, environmentalists and more, we serve the needs of the the poor, the ailing and the marginalized throughout the world.

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280 Sisters

Years in Mission

111 Years in Mission

Hospitals Founded

7 Hospitals Founded

Schools Founded

17 Schools Founded

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Our Causes

Our mission began in 1912, when we became the first group of Catholic Sisters in the United States founded for overseas mission. Today we have approximately 289 Sisters serving in 18 places around the world.

Fighting Poverty

Fighting Poverty Over one-third of the world lives in poverty. Every tenth person in the world lives in extreme poverty or on the equivalent of less than $1.90 a day.

Women's Advocacy

Women's Advocacy Victims can find shelter, medical care, counseling and legal assistance at the Crisis Center, where Sister Helene also encourages and empowers victims to begin new lives.

Ending Human Trafficking

Ending Human Trafficking The Maryknoll Sisters have long been working to eliminate human trafficking and all other forms of discrimination and violence.

Educating the Poor

Educating the Poor For over 100 years, the Maryknoll Sisters have been providing education to those in need throughout the world.

Pray With Us

Prayer is one of the most necessary things in life, not only for us, but for the world at large. The world looks to us for prayer. Know that your intentions are prayerfully remembered by all of the Maryknoll Sisters in our daily prayers.

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Your monthly, quarterly, or yearly contribution helps us plan and sustain our mission work. Establish your legacy, continue to benefit our mission work after your lifetime. Purchase prayer cards, art from the Sisters, Maryknoll merchandise, etc. and support our mission work. “Buy a Brick” and Support the Maryknoll Sisters Path to Mission.

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