Sister Julie Miller


Yonkers, NY United States
“Missionaries learn to reread and to re-contemplate the Gospels through the eyes and hearts of the people with whom they live and work.”

Sister Julie MillerSister Julie Miller is an accomplished musician and is the Maryknoll Sisters Center Liturgy Coordinator. Born in Norfolk, VA, Julie Miller grew up in Savannah, GA. She joined Maryknoll Sisters in 1961 and earned a B.A in Community Service from Rogers College. She holds a Masters in Education, majoring in Ed. Psychology from the University of Georgia.Sister Julie was assigned to Japan in 1969. She lived in Tokyo, studied the Japanese language for two years and taught at Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, a government agency sending volunteers overseas to work on technical projects. She taught volunteers at “Japan Peace Corps;” music at Aoyama School, and English at Futaba School.

In 1975 she was assigned to the Panama-Nicaragua-El Salvador Region, working in Central America for nine years. During Somoza’s dictatorship, Sister Julie did pastoral work in a small rural town in Nicaragua where the Sisters, urged by the catechists, helped teenage girls escape from prostitution and find other occupations. In Leon, Sister Julie worked in a housing project, and in 1979 she and six other Sisters, in danger of being caught in crossfire of the final offensive, took refuge inside a school with 400 other people and organized this refugee shelter for seven long weeks. After the war, she did relief work, was on a health team, and taught psychiatry to medical students. “Working in Nicaragua has given me the rare privilege of understanding the courage and hope of the poor and their commitment to justice as essential to peace.”

Sister Julie worked as Nursing Home Administrator for the Sparkill Dominican Sisters and was Director of Maryknoll Nursing Home Social Services. In 1991, Sister Julie became a member of the Eastern U.S. Region, and lived in Ossining, NY.  In 2012, Sister Julie joined several other Maryknoll Sisters to open a new house in Yonkers, New York.

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