Sister Margaret Lyons

“We are spiritual beings, and we are on a quest to become more human.  Because the more human you are, the more holy you’ll be.  It’s that human touch that matters.  It’s not complicated.  It’s just doing the best you can.  All you can do is take one step at a time.  Missionaries just do it under different circumstances.”

mlyons_lgSister Margaret Lyons was born in Boston.  She entered Maryknoll in 1947 and began her work as a professed sister in the Office of the Treasury at the Maryknoll Center.  After two years of this and another two years in the Bookkeeping Department of the Field Afar magazine, Sister Marge earned her B.E. at Maryknoll Teachers College and then set out for Chile.

Arriving in 1957, Sister Marge eagerly involved herself, after a year of language study, in elementary school teaching.  An outgoing woman with a friendly, empathetic demeanor, Sister taught first, second, and fourth grade until her return to the Center in 1966 for more treasury work.  Three years later she was back in Chile with her beloved elementary school children.

In 1971, Sister Marge began to do group work in order to form Basic Christian Communities.  She also ministered to mothers through catechetical work.  Then, two years later, Sister Marge shifted this ministry to home visits and parish catechesis, in which she helped to prepare children for the sacraments.  Sister Marge spent the years from 1977 to 1984 working to animate the local parish and seeking to engage the people in a loving understanding of their faith.

Sister Marge returned to the Center in 1984, where she worked in the Treasury Department for another four years.  At the end of this Congregational Service, Sister Marge set out for El Salvador, where she spent the next five years of her missionary life in pastoral work, specifically leading prayer and Bible reflection groups.

In 1994, Sister retired to Monrovia, California, where she continued to serve in Spanish-speaking ministries.   In 2011, Sister Marge was assigned to the Maryknoll Sisters Center in New York where she is enjoying retirement.

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