Sister Marian Dolores Schumacher

“What I treasure most of these experiences is the realization of God’s loving presence everywhere. My commitment to God has deepened with time. I reassure the many friends and memories of these past years.”

mschumacherSister Marian Dolores Schumacher has spent more than fifty years living out her loving dedication to God in teaching and pastoral work throughout Hawaii and Bolivia. A native of Winona, Minnesota, she entered Maryknoll in 1943 and arrived in Hawaii six years later, immediately after receiving her Bachelor of Education at Maryknoll Teachers College.

From 1949 to 1964, Sister Marian lovingly taught elementary, middle, and high school at St. Augustine and St. Ann Schools. She then became the Principal of St. Ann’s before transferring to St. John’s, from which she could also work towards her Masters Degree in Elementary Education at the University of Hawaii.

In 1976, Sister Marian returned to St. Ann’s, where she taught first sixth and then fourth grade until her re-assignment to the Maryknoll Sisters Center in 1984. During the three years that followed, Sister Marian offered congregational service in the Treasury and then the Mail Desk.

Then, in 1987, Sister Marian found herself arriving in Bolivia, where she eagerly dedicated herself to pastoral work, especially home visits, for several years.Though she returned to the Center for a brief period of Congregational Service in 1993, she quickly found herself back in Bolivia, to remain until her retirement to the Chi Rho Community in 2004.

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