Sister Mary Stolz

“(I treasure most) the opportunity to serve the Lord each day. My faith has deepened (through) the ability to help others and be of service to them.”

mstolz_lgSister Mary Stolz was born in Elyria, Ohio.  A veteran of the U.S. Navy WAVES of World War II, she entered the Maryknoll Sisters in 1953 and, after two years of Congregational Service in the Travel and Shipping Office, set out on her first mission assignment to Bolivia.

Arriving in 1958, Sister Mary quickly immersed herself in language studies, and within the year she was serving as Procurator and Bookkeeper of the Bolivia Region.  Sister Mary worked in Bolivia until 1967, when she shifted her mission work to Peru, where she became the Administrative Assistant to the Regional Superior of the Maryknoll Fathers for five years before returning to the Maryknoll Center.

Sister Mary worked as Support Service Coordinator for several years and then prepared to go back to South America in 1977.  This time she embarked for Venezuela, where she became a pastoral agent and a member of the Barcelona Team.  While here Sister Mary also worked with the Formation Center, which offered classes on arts and crafts, human relations, sewing, bookkeeping, electricity, music, painting, theater, exercises, and even soldering.  Courses were taught mostly by local volunteer teachers, for, as Sister Mary wrote:  “We are all teachers, and… the people will educate the people.”

In 1982, Sister Mary returned to the Center, where she worked, for the next seven years, first in the Treasury and then in the Development Department.  At the end of this period, Sister Mary joined the Monrovia Community as a member of the driving staff and then served, back at the Center, as an Administrator.

Newly retired in 1997, Sister Mary continued to volunteer her loving service in New Mexico and Monrovia, California.  Sister Mary is presently living at the Maryknoll Sister Center in New York and her prayer ministry is Maryknoll Development.

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