Sister Rose Corde McCormick



Sister Rose Corde McCormick

Current Mission Location – Maryknoll Sisters Center- Maryknoll, NY

Rose McCormick was born August 30, 1923 in Providence, RI to Rose (Coyle) McCormick and William H. McCormick. She had 2 sisters: Agnes and Helen, and 2 brothers: Thomas and William. Rose graduated from St. Patrick’s High School in Providence in 1940.

 Rose entered the Maryknoll Sisters at their Center in NY on September 2, 1953. She pronounced First Vows at the Center March 7, 1956 and Final Vows March 7, 1962 in Japan. Thus began a vocation that would make her a pupil of the Holy Spirit in His presence throughout the world.  Mission work, she said, was “something I wanted to do all my life,” and, beginning in Japan in 1959, she set out to “[go] all the way for Christ.”

Sister Rose Corde spent fourteen years in Japan, where she served through teaching and parish work.  She was also, for a time, the Acting Regional Superior for the Maryknoll presence in Japan.

After continuing her education at Mary Rogers College (1968-1971), and earning a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from Rogers College, Maryknoll, NY, Sister Rose Corde was assigned to Yap, a South Pacific Island located near Guam, where she spent the next twelve years teaching and then presiding as principal at St. Mary School.

Sister Rose then spent the next few years first in Honolulu, working as an administrator, and then at the Maryknoll nursing home, providing pastoral care.  Having lived and worked alongside the people of Japan and the South Pacific, Sister Rose Corde returned to Maryknoll to retire.

She had given her life to God – had found a new understanding of “going all the way for Christ” – and now planned to settle prayerfully back home.

However, Sister Rose Corde soon discovered a new missionary call:  Mexico.  In 1999, she set out for Oaxaca, entrusting herself once more to God.  The mission was another deep act of faith, for Sister Rose Corde, in addition to being unfamiliar with the region and already retired, spoke only one word of Spanish, “Si.”

Sister Rose Corde lovingly served the people of Oaxaca until 2006, when she was asked to be the Sacristan at the Maryknoll Center.

Sister Rose Corde is now at the Center and a member of Maryknoll Sister Home Care Assisted Living where she is an active and cheerful member.