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Steps to Becoming a Maryknoll Sister

1. Initial Inquiry

This is who I am. Who are the Maryknoll Sisters?

A woman identifies herself as exploring religious life and cross cultural mission. She inquires about Maryknoll Sisters and looks at Maryknoll Sisters as one life option.

We begin to understand her call, hopes, passions and vision and she begins to understand us.

2. Discernment

Could this be the life for me?

Should it be lived with you, Maryknoll Sisters?

A woman more intently explores her call from God to religious life, multicultural community and cross-cultural mission. She considers other life choices and decides to focus her energy in considering life as a Maryknoll Sister.

During this time of discernment, the Maryknoll Sisters will accompany her, as she learns more about the meaning of a life of commitment to a missionary vocation lived out in community. The discernment process includes: correspondence with the Maryknoll Sisters Vocation Team, visiting the Maryknoll Sisters in Maryknoll, NY and experiencing the Maryknoll community. Through these experiences, she gains information about the Maryknoll Sisters history, charism and clarifies her call to life as a Maryknoll Sister. It is also good for a woman to have spiritual direction during this time.

When a woman decides to take the next step, she begins the Admissions Process.

3. Integration Phas

Going even deeper

Once a woman is accepted into the integration phase as a potential member, she is welcomed to live, learn and minister with the Maryknoll Sisters.

The integration phase includes times of more deeply learning the history and living charism of Maryknoll, personal and communal prayer practices, scripture and theological studies, and gaining a contemporary understanding of the mission of Jesus. It is a time of continued and mutual discernment of her vocation as a Maryknoll Sister.

4. Canonical Year and Commitment

Focus and continued discernment, so I can say yes…

The Canonical Year is a specially paced year of prayer and study, exploring one’s maturity, relational skills, faith, freedom and readiness to publicly profess the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as a Maryknoll Sister, in community. Through collaboration with others, a woman commits herself to the mission of Jesus in service to others, making God’s love visible in these times. The vows are made initially for three years. A Reflection Period proceeds Final Vows.

5. Misson

…and can be sent!

The Mission Phase involves learning information about the regions where the Maryknoll Sisters serve and particular needs of the people in those places, as well as a consideration of the Sisters gifts. A newly assigned Sister is provided with all specially needed preparations for a particular mission. She sets out with a mission sending blessing from the Maryknoll Sisters Center in Maryknoll, New York . Upon arrival at her new mission she is received into a supportive environment with other Maryknoll Sisters, together they will live out the inspirational words from the Maryknoll Sister Foundress, Mother Mary Joseph, “Let’s see what God has in store for us!”

Maryknoll Sisters Final Vow Ceremony

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