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Who can apply and join the Maryknoll Sisters?

-Single Catholic women, between the ages of 21-35 years old.

-Preferred college degree or professional work experience

-Physically and mentally healthy

-A woman with faith that God is calling you to witness God’s love through cross-cultural mission within community

How to Become A Maryknoll Sister?

Get to know the Sisters through initial contact and prayer to discern God’s calling.

1. Discernment Process

The Maryknoll Sisters will accompany the candidate as she discerns her missionary Vocation.

2. Admissions Process

The candidate decides to take the next step and join the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation.

3. Integration Phase

This is a two year Formation Program and can be extended. After two years, the candidate takes her Temporary Vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. The Vows are made initially for three years.

4. Mission Phase

After making the Temporary Profession of Vows, the newly professed Sister participates in a program to prepare her for her first overseas mission assignment. She then slowly integrates herself into a new culture and community life among other Maryknoll Sisters.

5. Reflection Phase

The Sister will participate in a six month program in preparation for Final Vows. After completing this program and a mutual decision between the community and the Sister is reached, she will then take her Final Profession of Vows.

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