Mission Institute

The Maryknoll Mission Institute welcomes you!

People of all faiths and cultures are invited to come together in a spirit of openness; sharing their faith and beliefs in a framework of listening and learning. This dynamic process enables the participants to bring about change in their own consciousness and ultimately in the Universe. The programs encourage faith seekers, in a spirit of freedom, creativity and responsibility, to increase their awareness towards becoming


The Maryknoll Mission Institute is an educational ministry sponsored by the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation which provides continuing education and renewal programs for missioners and others engaged in cross-cultural ministries in their local churches.  All Churches and cultures are welcome. We invite you to join us for an ongoing educational program for missioners and others engaged in cross-cultural ministries in their local churches!


  • To be a forum of adult learning and reflection on world church and mission;
  • To be a setting of mutuality for peoples of all faiths and cultures;
  • To invite presenters known for their experience, expertise and gifts in animating discussion and dialogue on contemporary trends in mission response to the real and felt needs of the global community
  • To provide a center for cross-cultural ministers to reflect on their experiences, share, and worship with others in a community environment;

Registration Information for ALL Programs

Cost of 5 day Programs at Maryknoll, NY:
Registration/Deposit: $60.00
Tuition: $200.00
Room & Board: $90 per day
Registration/Deposit is not refundable. Only one registration fee is required per year.

Online registration is now available! Click each program below to register.

Please click on the 2024 program you wish to attend:

June 23 – 29       Mindful Practices for Self Care and Mindful Living; Patricia Mathes Cane, PhD

July 14 – 19        Become all Flame: The Transformative Power of Contemplation; Sr. Nancy Sylvester, IHM, MA

July 28 – Aug 2   Dorothy Day: Revolution of the Heart; Robert Ellsberg, MA

Aug 11 – 16        Choosing To Believe: Tending to God’s Whisper; Rev. Larry Lewis, MM, PhD

Contact Information

DIRECTOR: 914-941-0783 ext 5671    [email protected]

BUSINESS MANAGER: 914-941-0783 ext 5617    [email protected]

ADMISSIONS COORDINATOR: 914-941-0783 ext 5631   [email protected]

Sr. Helene O’Sullivan, M.M.

Sr. Marjorie A. Bush, M.M.
Business Manager

Ms. Angela Abad
Admission Coordinator