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Missionary Life Podcast features the work of the Maryknoll Sisters, missionary nuns who have been serving the needs of the poor, ailing and marginalized overseas for the past 100+ years! Each episode will take you on a journey across the globe! You will get to experience a day in the life of a Maryknoll Sister serving in some of the most oppressed parts of the world, working with communities who need the basics (water, food, shelter, medical care, etc.) just to survive! We will even share some historical and heart warming mission reflection stories from our retired Sisters! Each episode is hosted by their PR/Digital Communications Manager, Chelsea Lopez, who has the talent of discovering the Sisters most captivating mission stories.

We are thrilled to take you, our partners in mission on this journey with us and know you’ll enjoy learning how your prayers and support are helping so many!

Missionary Life Episodes:

Episode 1:

Listen to “The River of “Burning Waters” in Peru” on Spreaker.

Episode 2:

Listen to “Panama’s Indigenous Groups in Need of Life’s Basic Essentials” on Spreaker.

Episode 3:

Listen to “Saving Massai Girls from Childhood Marriage” on Spreaker.

Episode 4:

Listen to “U.S./Mexico Border Crisis!” on Spreaker.

Episode 5:

Listen to “Maassai People Losing Food & Land!” on Spreaker.

Episode 6:

Listen to “Education is Breaking Poverty Cycles in Cambodia” on Spreaker.

Episode 7:

Listen to “Helping Panama’s Elderly in Need” on Spreaker.

Episode 8:

Listen to “Providing Meals to the Hungry in Peru” on Spreaker.

Episode 9:

Listen to “Life Saving Health Care Treatments to Guatemalans!” on Spreaker.

Episode 10:

Listen to “Bringing Love and Hope to Children with Cancer” on Spreaker.

Episode 11:

Listen to “Offering a Safe Haven to those with HIV/AIDS in Guatemala” on Spreaker.

Episode 12:

Listen to “Educating the Youth for 50 Years in the Philippines!” on Spreaker.

Episode 13:

Listen to “Meet Our Eldest Living Missioner!” on Spreaker.

Episode 14:

Listen to “The Power of Holistic Medicine” on Spreaker.

Episode 15:

Listen to “Living Off the Land in Panama” on Spreaker.

Episode 16:

Listen to “Educating the Youth in East Timor” on Spreaker.

Episode 17:

Listen to “Empowering the Youth” on Spreaker.

Episode 18:
Listen to “Missionary Life in the U.S.A” on Spreaker.