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In the country of Cambodia, Sister Mary Little, M.M. and Sister Regina Pellicore, M.M. work diligently to help underprivileged children receive an education and break free from the cycles of poverty that, in some cases, have lasted for generations.

Sister Mary founded Saint Mary’s Preschool in the village of Chake Angre Kraom in early 2016. Shortly after that, the school burned to the ground in a fire that damaged or destroyed most of the village!

Before the fire…


Thanks to the support of benefactors like you, they were able to rebuild the school, using bricks rather than wood. The history of the Sisters mission since then has been a testament to God’s grace… and your friendship and generosity is a large part of that!

After the rebuild!



“The purpose of the preschools is to enable Vietnamese children to understand, speak, read and write enough Khmer (the official language of Cambodia) so that they can go to the government school at the age of six,” Sister Mary explains. “Vietnamese children who cannot speak or understand any Khmer tend not to go to school or to drop out within the first few months because they cannot understand what the teacher is saying.”

Your offering will help Sisters Mary and Regina continue to offer classes and tutoring to more children; cover expenses for supplies, uniforms, books and meals; and fund the scholarships that allow these students to go to university.

Sister Mary with young students.


Vietnamese people in Cambodia have typically had few opportunities to rise out of poverty and better their lives. For the students in this program, however, new access to education is changing that. As of the 2019-20 school year there were more than 100 students at the elementary school level, and more than 50 in secondary school. Another benefit made possible by our benefactors is the ability to provide university scholarships for some of the students. Eleven have been given to date!




In the near future, and generations from now, entire families and communities will be able to look upon their improving quality of life and know that benefactors like YOU played an important role in making it a reality! God bless you for your kindness.

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