August Appeal

Natural disasters are unpredictable events that can undo years of progress in the blink of an eye, and put long-standing plans on hold while simple survival becomes the goal.

Thanks to the prayers and generosity of friends like you, however, our Maryknoll Sisters have been able to address these tragedies in the past. Some recent examples are the Haiti earthquake of 2010, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011, and the 2016 fire that destroyed St. Mary’s primary school in Cambodia, along with much of the surrounding village.

In each of these cases, Maryknoll Sisters were there on the spot, working to shine the light of God’s love not only through physical relief efforts, but through spiritual support as well. People who are in shock and in mourning after a disaster desperately need to know they’re not alone. As I’m sure you have heard in the news, the Fuego volcano in Guatemala began erupting a  few weeks ago, causing a tragic loss of life, property, and homes. The official death toll was 112, with nearly 200 still missing, and the true toll might be much higher than that.


Sister Dee Smith has ministered for many years among the people of Guatemala, and this disaster has struck them particularly hard. She is raising money to buy food, clothing and essential medical supplies for the volcano survivors who are in alburgues (hostels) as they’re now homeless as well as having lost their crops and animals.

“They have lost everything including their houses, their animals, their pets, their way of life..they need food, medical supplies and clothing.” Sister Dee says.

God gives us the strength to keep going and to rebuild from these tragedies, by making sure that kind people like you are always there, willing to help those who need you so desperately. Any amount you can give will support the Maryknoll missions. Your help is a blessing!




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