February Appeal 2020

This month brings a very special day for us Maryknoll Sisters!

On February 14, we celebrate our centennial as a canonically recognized religious congregation. On that day in 1920, Pope Benedict XV declared that the community, founded less than a decade earlier by Mary Josephine “Mollie” Rogers, was now a diocesan congregation and could engage in worldwide missionary work under the Church’s guidance.

In the 100 years since, all of our work has been possible only because of the dedicated support and prayers of friends like you.

The earliest missionary work undertaken by the Maryknoll Sisters was among disadvantaged people here in the U.S., such as the Japanese immigrant population on the west coast. After their recognition as a congregation, the Sisters set out for missionary work in China, Korea, the Philippines, Hawaii and elsewhere.


Our Foundress, Mother Mary Joesph (bottom left) with Sisters preparing to leave for mission in China, 1922.

Today, we have 351 Sisters serving in 24 locations around the world. Their missions focus on what is most needed in their communities: health care, education, an end to human trafficking and the abuse of women and children, and access to life’s necessities such as clean water and food.

Wherever they serve, you are with them every step of the way—supporting them through your generosity and enabling them to make God’s love visible. We have great hopes for our second century of ministry, and we pray that you will continue to walk beside us and offer your support through your prayers and generosity!


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