January Appeal 2023

As we end the year and look to the beginning of a new year, we reflect on how engaged the Maryknoll Sisters have been helping make God’s Love Visible as part of a “One Earth Community.” Because of donors like YOU the Sisters were able to help with many missions.

While the needs of those missions vary, their ultimate purpose is always the same: to help those whose circumstances make it hard for them to see that God does, in fact, love them.There is one other thing that all these missionary Sisters have in common: they depend upon the kindness and generosity of friends like you to carry out their work.

Sister Jocelyn Fenix on mission in Panama.

Our Sisters are undertaking missions in places like Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and right here in the U.S.

Here in the U.S., Sister Rose Marie Cecchini advocates for Native Americans whose lands, water, food, and health have been damaged by contamination from past nuclear testing.

Health care is often unavailable or out of reach for many in the developing world. Sister Jocelyn Fenix in Panama and Sister Ceny San Pedro in Brazil practice, promote and teach holistic health practices that can help fill that gap to a surprisingly large extent.

There is a worldwide crisis of children who are orphans or whose parents cannot care for them… this situation can have a grave impact on the future of a nation or a society. Sister Kathleen Reiley in Japan and Sister Felista Wanzagi in Tanzania work with these children in very different cultures.

The Sisters are dedicated to helping people in all stages of life. In Bangladesh, Sister Miriam Perlewitz co-founded, and still works at, a school dedicated not only to educating young people but giving them the tools to navigate their lives responsibly and intelligently.


These are just a few examples of our Sisters who are undertaking these missions, the amount of commitment and sacrifice required in these missions is tremendous. They can only do it because they are so motivated by God’s love and to share it with others. And they can only do it because benefactors like you are animated by God’s love too!

Sister Felista Wanzagi on mission in Tanzania.


YOUR GIFT will help support the Maryknoll Sisters missions, you are acting as a true minister of God’s love—an important link, without which the chain itself would break provide education to those in need in Bangladesh and around the world!


You can be sure that real lives will be improved as a direct result of your gift!

All of the Sisters wish you a wonderful new year and look forward to making 2023 a year of greater love, justice, health, and happiness for people all over the world!

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