June 2017 Appeal

Meet Shabani

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Maryknoll Sisters and their missions around the world.

I would like you to meet Shabani. He lives in Tanzania with his mother. Shabani had a spinal tap which injured his spinal cord and was paralyzed at the age of 3. His mother brought him to a support group run by Sr. Marion Hughes, M.M.  Within three months, he was up and running.

A year later he went to his mother and said “I am not Shabani.” She asked “Who are you?” and he responded “Matumaini” which means hope. Matumaini has been through a lot.

He is HIV+, has sickle cell anemia and has not been accepted by other students. Through it all he continues to call himself HOPE.

Without you, Matumaini would not the opportunity to be a child. Sister Marion’s hope is to keep these children alive until a cure for HIV is found.  Any gift you are able to give will be a blessing to these children and children all over the world.

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In Tanzania, one of the poorest nations in the world, many people are living below the poverty line.  This support group provides nutrition and medical care for HIV+ children who otherwise could not afford it.  The children thrive with a healthy diet of added protein and multivitamins, along with regular monitoring to keep on top of tuberculosis, malaria and other infections.

Sister Marion also works with HIV+ children and others living in difficult environments at the primary and secondary school level addressing both educational and health concerns & offering counseling.

These children often lack modeling, security and love. They are expected to work harder, longer and eat less and are not sent to school if there is a financial problem.

Sister Marion states, “It is our aim to help children cope with their reality, to live responsibly and without fear. We enable these children to stay in school at least through secondary school and vocational training.  We also provide counseling for those who have been most traumatized.”

We could not continue our work without your help. Matumaini and so many other children around the world are counting on your support to make a difference in their lives.

God bless you for your support of our mission. Our Sisters will remember you each day in our prayers and good works.

P.S. Whatever you can do will make a tremendous difference in the lives of these children. Please send your gift today.

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