October Appeal

It’s almost a universal rule that wherever there is poverty, insecurity or injustice, women will suffer. That’s why Maryknoll Sisters on mission always
make a special effort to see that women, and the children who depend upon them, have extra support.In Tanzania, in East Africa, Sister Sue Rech, MM works with a group that helps promote food and land security, holistic development, and social justice
among these pastoral people, especially the women. As in so many societies, Maasai women traditionally depend upon their husbands for their livelihoods.

Sister Sue speaks to a gathering of Maasai women.


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Ndoye (left).


If you can help Sister Sue and her team, you will be helping women like Ndoye (see photo at left). Ndoye and her children needed to leave her alcoholic
husband, and thanks to the food security program she was able to become self-sufficient instead of having to return to her parents.

You will help make possible projects like the new grinding mill, built by the women of the Makame region so they can process their own grain to make
bread and other foods.

Seela teaching the Women’s Group of Enkutuk Oiti Village management skills for their grinding machine.


Any Financial gift YOU can send along with your prayers will enable the Maryknoll Sisters to keep their mission going here and around the world!

Give Today

This work is made possible through the caring and generosity of people like YOU, without whom this disaster would have a very different outcome!

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