September Appeal

Maryknoll Sisters minister around the world as nurses, doctors, teachers, and social workers, embracing the Mission to serve the poor or ailing wherever we are needed.

We also serve as stewards of the garden God gave us. In other words, we tend to the Earth and our brothers and sisters, pulling the weeds of injustice, and sowing seeds of healing and hope.

One such “gardener” is Sister Rose Marie Cecchini, M.M. She views Mission as “responding to calls beyond known horizons.” This commitment has carried her from Japan to the Philippines, Nepal, and now to Gallup, New Mexico.

As coordinator of the diocese’s Office of Peace, Justice, and Creation, she has gotten to know Native American communities—many of which are suffering the effects of past uranium mining and atomic testing on their land.

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Sister Rose Marie Cecchini, M.M. woman on the left

“They have revealed to me their deep love for Mother Earth and shown me how to participate in its healing by changing our human life patterns that threaten living systems,” she says.

When God’s creation hurts, so do God’s people. Sister Rose Marie understands the consequences of contaminated soil, water, and air that contribute to cancer and other illnesses for generations of those who live nearby. These communities also face extreme poverty, racism, and other injustices.

With the prayers and support of friends like you, Sister Rose Marie is working to heal the Earth and its people.

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Sister Rose participates in annual events and collaborates with other organizations and faith communities in “prayer for the healing of ourselves and all of the human family—that we might learn what it means to care for and live in harmony with all of God’s creation for present and future generations.”

In addition to environmental activism and advocacy, Sister Rose Marie is a founder of Gallup Solar, a program that provides solar power for those in need, especially the thousands of Navajo families without electricity.

“I will never forget one of the first recipients of a solar PV system,” she says. Beverly, who was blind, lived in a one-room house with two others. “The day of the installation, their home was filled with excitement. When the lights turned on, everyone cheered. Beverly expressed her gratitude: ‘My prayers go out to all the people that helped and donated the items that we needed.’”

Through your support for the Maryknoll Sisters ministries, your generosity can help bring the love of Christ into this community. We need YOUR help today so we can continue this mission and our other missions around the world.

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