Jubilarians 2019

Entrance Year 1939-Eighty Years

Lilla Marie Hull

Entrance Year 1944-Seventy Five Years

Beatrice Carvalho       Virgeen Healey              Frances Horan

Rita Kane                      Helen Phillips        Margaret Sehlstedt

Entrance Year 1949-Seventy Years

Jane Buellesbach        Gertrude Gallagher       Katherine Gilfeather

Ruth Greble             Helen Kenny             Bernadette Lynch

Betty Ann Maheu       Joan Sauvigne

Entrance Year 1959-Sixty Years

Ann Braudis         Maureen Corr         Dolores Geier

Marion Hughes         Bernice Kita         Marisa Lichauco

Marie Lynch     Ann Mallmann      Ellen McDonald

Rosemarie Milazzo      Kathleen Moloney       Patricia Murray

Barbara Noland        Sylvia Elaine Postles        Bernice Rigney

Jeri Stokes         Jean Yamashiro

Entrance Year 1969-Fifty Years

Mary Little

Rebecca Macugay

Judith Noone

  Entrance Year 1994-Twenty Five Years

Leonor Montiel

Theresia Ndesoma




Jubilee Celebrations for 60, 70, 75, and 80 will be celebrated on February 10th, 2019.

Jubilee Celebrations for 50 will be celebrated on August 11th, 2019.