Maryknoll Sisters Embrace New Mission Presence

Maryknoll, NY – For 110 years the Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic have followed Jesus’ command to carry his good news to the ends of the earth. During those years, they often had to choose, which need was more urgent. Today, the Maryknoll Sisters take a new step in their history as climate change leads to worldwide migration, violence, racism, suicide, and poverty threatens peace and justice in so many parts of our world, the Sisters see the urgent need to ask how and where they are most needed today?

The Sisters envision and embrace a new mission presence, as part of the One Earth Community, meaning that we are all connected as a human family and with all of creation. This will enable the Sisters to respond to God’s call that we need to care for one another, the Earth and all the peoples’ who reap its bounty.

Seven Sisters who responded to the new mission invitation will discern together how, where, and why they will be in mission.  They were joined by other Sisters and by some employees in the initial discernment process this week.  Mission is a personal call, a communal call, and a call to be in the world. This New Mission Initiative is not only for those seven Sisters, but belongs to the Congregation as a whole. The seven sisters will now continue discernment as a group to determine their next steps.

Sister Teresa Hougnon, President of the Congregation states, “We are called to take risks and experiment, be creative; and so we invite the Congregation in this discernment with not only prayers and support, but also by discerning for yourself, what is new in your mission life today? Every day we are called into newness in the evolving and expanding universe. Every creative process holds the paradox of what is and what is to come.  We are strengthened by 110 years of mission experience, and we are drawn by the co-creative energy of Divine Love to new possibilities.”

The Sisters ask the local community to please keep them in your prayers that the Spirit will give the Congregation wisdom and strength to travel the next bend in the road no matter where it takes them!