Mission Institute Programs

The Maryknoll Mission Institute is an educational ministry sponsored by the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation which provides continuing education and renewal programs for missioners and others engaged in cross-cultural ministries in their local churches.  All Churches and cultures are welcome. We invite you to join us for one or more programs.


  • To be a forum of adult learning and reflection on world church and mission;
  • To be a setting of mutuality for peoples of faith and diverse cultures;
  • To design and implement a series of one-week residential programs which explore in-depth the key dimensions of current mission studies;
  • To provide a center for missioners and cross-cultural ministers to reflect on their experiences, share, and worship with others in a community environment;
  • To invite presenters known for their experience, expertise and gifts in animating discussion and dialogue on contemporary trends in mission response to the real and felt needs of the global community.

2021 Registration Information

The Maryknoll Mission Institute is pleased to offer the following programs for 2021!

Please be aware, due to the COVID Pandemic, all the programs will be conducted by ZOOM.

Online Registration is Now Available!


Cost of 4 1/2-day Programs:

  • Registration/Deposit: $60.00
  • Tuition: $200.00


Please Register for our 2021 Programs Below! All Programs start on Monday 9am and end Friday 12pm.

May Programs:

(May 10-14, 2021) Leaning Into the Gospel: Learning Love and Freedom; Presenter: Sr. Anne McCarthy, OSB

(May 17-21, 2021) When Tears Sing: Lament as a Way Home to the Heart of God; Presenter: Rev. William Blaine-Wallace, PhD

June Programs:

(June 7-11, 2021) Transforming Individuals and Communities: Restorative Justice Practices; Presenter: Joanne Blaney, MKLM  – CANCELLED

(June 14-18, 2021) Deepening One’s Contemplative Practice: Necessary for the Transformation of Our Time; Presenter: Sr. Nancy Sylvester, IHM

(June 24 & 25, 2021) THEOGENESIS: Is God Becoming God?; Presenter: Sr. Ilia Delio, OSF, PhD  – CANCELLED

July Programs:

(July 12-16, 2021) A Living Gospel: Reading God’s Story in Holy Lives (and our own); Presenter: Robert Ellsberg, MA

(July 19-23, 2021) FINDING A WAY IN THE WILDERNESS: Drawing Courage through the Art of Film; Presenter: Rev. Larry Lewis, MM


Contact Information

DIRECTOR: 914-941-0783 ext 5671    [email protected]

BUSINESS MANAGER: 914-941-0783 ext 5617    [email protected] 

ADMISSIONS COORDINATOR: 914-941-0783 ext 5631   [email protected]

HOSPITALITY COORDINATOR: 914-941-7575 ext 5738 [email protected] 

ASSISTANT: 914-941-7575 ext 5821 [email protected]

Sr. Peg M. Donovan, MM, Director

Sr. Peg M. Donovan, M.M.

Sr. Carolyn M. Moritz, M.M.
Business Manager

Ms. Angela Abad,
Admission Coordinator

Sr. Marie Lynch, M.M.

Hospitality Coordinator

Sr. Peg Dillon, M.M.