Sister Aida Manlucu

amanlucu_lgSister Aida Manlucu was born in Manila, Philippines. She earned her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and English from the University of the Philippines. She worked as a research assistant, a chemical analyst, and a chemistry instructor at FEATI University in Manila. Deciding she wanted to be a missioner, Sister Aida contacted the Maryknoll Sisters and was invited to work at the Maryknoll High School in Davao for a year so that the Sisters could get to know her and she them.

She entered the Maryknoll Sisters novitiate in the Philippines in 1966. In 1970 Sister Aida was assigned to Guatemala, where she taught chemistry and mathematics for five years at Colegio Monte Maria. From 1976-82 Sister Aida worked with Christian communities and supported women’s causes in Mexico. Sister Aida returned to the United States and worked in California as part of the admission team for the Maryknoll Sisters.

Sister Aida then went to the Philippines where she was engaged in the same ministry for three years. In 1990, Sister Aida was assigned to Managua, Nicaragua, where she was involved in the formation of Christian communities and youth and women’s groups. Sister Aida attended the Institute of Formation of Religious Studies at St. Louis University, after which she served as part of the Orientation Team at the Maryknoll Sisters Center in New York.

In 1996, Sister Aida earned her master’s degree in pastoral studies from Loyola University in Chicago. In 1997, she was assigned to Namibia, where she serves on the Women’s Commission of the Namibian Bishops Conference. In this capacity Sister Aida conducts workshops for women on domestic violence, civil, inheritance and property rights, works with those suffering from HIV/AIDS, and also conducts leadership courses for the women. Sister Aida continues to serve the people of Namibia in these works today.

Since 2011, Sister Aida coordinates Caritas Namibia and the Family Commission of the Namibian Bishops Conference. In addition to helping give Caritas a role in Namibia, Sister Aida focuses on domestic violence issues and promoting family life in the country.