Sister Angela Brennan

Current Ministry Location: El Salvador

Sister Angela, from Donegal, Ireland, entered Maryknoll in 1957.  She obtained a MA degree in Theology from the University of San Francisco.

Sister Angela arrived in Hawaii in 1968 where she taught and coordinated religion programs in two Catholic schools.  She also directed retreat programs, coordinated Bread for the World, and served as chairperson of the Nature division of the Hawaii Council of Churches.  In 1978, Sister Angela traveled to Northern Ireland, where she ministered to people who sought healing at a reconciliation center run by a community of Christians.

After about a year, she returned to Hawaii and continued the work she had begun at the high school.  From Hawaii, she went to Majuro in the Marshall Islands, where she taught at the Catholic high school.

In 1985, Sister Angela was missioned in Coelemu, Chile.  She ministered to people who suffered through years of civil unrest and violence in their country.

In 1996, Sister Angela traveled to Kenya, where she was involved in pastoral work.  She returned to the United States in 2001 and was a pastoral agent at St. Barbara’s Parish in Brooklyn, New York.  She also worked in the Hispanic RCIA program and ministered to prisoners and their families.

Sister Angela was assigned to El Salvador in 2010.  There she gives direct ministry to prison inmates, many of whom have no family.  She serves at some of El Salvador’s largest prisons, helping out with liturgical celebrations, support groups, and individual spiritual direction.