Sister Ann Mallmann


Hazel Green,  WI

United States

amallman_lgIn Taiwan, Sister Ann Mallmann worked as a nurse with the Atayal Aborigine tribe, learning they had pretty good remedies of their own. This experience and others led her to advocate for alternativemedicine.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Ann Mallmann got to know the Maryknoll Sisters through the Maryknoll Magazine, owned by her neighbor. After receiving her R.N. from Mercy School of Nursing, she entered the Congregation in 1959. She later received a B.S. Nursing degree from Pace University in Westchester County, NY.

Sister Ann was assigned to Taiwan in 1963. After studying Taiwanese for a few months, she was asked to take charge of a clinic and kindergarten for the Atayal Aborigine tribe in the Wu-She mountain area in Busia where she served for nine years. It was a challenging mission because she was working with two different cultures. In the clinic she served both the town people who spoke Taiwanese and the Atayal Tribe who spoke their own dialect. She did a lot of walking to give health services and educate the people of the mountain areas so that they could care for themselves.

For several years, Sister Ann gave Congregational service at Maryknoll, NY in both Health Services and in the Development Department.

Sister Ann joined the Eastern US Region in 1979, and took a nursing position at St. Vincent Hospital in NYC. This gave her the opportunity for continued studies and she began taking courses in Alternative Medicine. Since 1986 Sister Ann has been working with the Sinsinawa Dominicans in Wisconsin doing Health Education and Alternative Therapy.

In 2012, our Centennial Year, we will complete posting the names of all Maryknoll Sisters. Once every name is posted, we will return here to fill in the rich details of Sr.Ann’s life. Please come back and visit Sister again. Thank you.