Sister Daisy Vargas

After being in mission in Guatemala and Brazil, Sister Daisy continues her pastoral work once again responding to the needs of the poor, this time in her own country of Bolivia.

dvargas_lgSister Daisy Vargas was born in La Paz, Bolivia. After high school, from 1959 to 1961, Daisy studied in the Colegio Santa Ana and received an Accountant Certificate. In 1974 she received a Certificate in Financial Administration from the Instituto Superior Admin. Publico. Why did she choose to enter the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation in 1982? Daisy said, “Maryknoll attracted me with its mission vision, with its concern and response in service to the world’s needs, and with its spirit of community and renewal.”

In 1984 Sister Daisy was assigned to Guatemala and spent five years on a team with two other Maryknoll Sisters giving courses to rural women in 21 villages of the diocese of the Peten which covers over one third of the area of Guatemala. They traveled by jeep, horseback or on foot and reached the river settlements by launch, sharing meals and life with their hostesses and sleeping wherever they could swing a hammock or spread a sleeping bag. On completing her Reflection Year before Final Vows, Sister Daisy said the daily living near these poor people strengthened her faith by their example of placing their hope and confidence in God. “In their sharing from their poverty with such generosity and sincerity, they made me more committed to my vocation.”

Sister Daisy was assigned to Brazil in 1991 where she shared mission and community with Maryknoll Sisters, Priests, Brothers and Lay Missioners. Her ministry was in Sao Paulo with youth, preparing them to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, organizing retreats and liturgies with them as well as enjoying the Brazilian celebration of these occasions. Participation in the parish council occupied her time as well. After being away a few months for renewal she returned and exclaimed, “I was surprised by two youth leaders in my parish because they had the preparation for Confirmation day for 300 under complete control!”

In 1996 Sister Daisy was assigned to Bolivia and has been involved again with youth ministry as religion teacher in elementary and high school, including sacramental preparation for adults and youth in the parish. She was elected as a delegate from Bolivia to the 2002 Maryknoll Sisters General Assembly. Presently, Sister Daisy is a member of the Rogers Community at the Maryknoll Sisters Center in Ossining, NY.