Sister Dolores Geier

Geier, DoloresSister Dolores Geier, M.M.

Current Ministry Location-Korea

Born in NYC, Sister Dolores Geier joined Maryknoll in 1959 from Holy Child Jesus Parish, Brooklyn, NY. In 1966 she was assigned to South Korea when Park Cheong Hee, a general turned civilian, was president of a police state. While she was in language school, North Korea held the U.S. Puebla crew captive for over a year.  Resulting military tensions brought back all the fears of the Korean war. She was given the choice of returning to the States. “I stayed because I was already in love with Korea and her people.”

Sister Dolores’ first assignment was to the rural island of Kang Hwa. “I knew as much about farm life as anyone born and bred in NYC but God smiled on me and put me into the hands of two wonderful women Catechists.”  With them she visited the farm families in the parish. Young Christian Workers insisted on humane working hours and just wages. They put living flesh on the Church’s social teachings.

Sister Dolores taught English at the Jesuit Sogang University, Seoul during the most tumultuous years. Riot police didn’t stop at the gates, they marched in to attack the students. “My role as a faculty member was to stand between the students and the riot police to protect the students. My anger over the injustice and love for the students would not let me leave.”

Maryknoll Sisters and the Korean church protested human rights violations. Later in Seoul, Sister Dolores worked in a ministry to women involved in prostitution, called Magdalena House, a place of rest, recuperation, renewal and friendship.

After studying Creation Spirituality in Oakland, CA, Sister Dolores worked for several years at the Maryknoll Sisters Center in the Development Department.

In January, 2011, Sister Dolores returned to Korea. She is enjoying contacting former Sogang University students and the women at Magdalena House as well as testing hotel workers English proficiency.