Sister Dora Nuetzi

“My dream has always been to have the Marshallese people take over all the religion programs. I leave with the hope that it will continue and evolve into their style of programs.”

Sister Dora NuetziSister Dora Nuetzi was born in Switzerland and grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, joining the Maryknoll Sisters in 1954. After teaching in Chinatown, NY for three years she was assigned to Hawaii in 1965, spending seventeen years as a teacher and Religious Education Coordinator.

In 1985, she responded to a need for someone for religious education in the Marshall Islands, 32 coral atolls on 70 square miles of land amidst 772,000 square miles of ocean. After two years language study in the outer islands, she became Religious Education Coordinator in Majuro, the capitol. She lived and taught in Assumption School, going to the island of Likiep several times each year for weeks at a time, training teachers. With her musical talent she animated Marshallese musicians for Marshallese songs for liturgy. In her last seven years, she divided her time between Majuro and the Outer Islands, developing Curriculum; producing lesson plan booklets in Marshallese and English for Majuro and the Outer Islands; offering workshops for the teachers; Emmaus retreats for the youth. In her last months, Sister Dora was like St. Paul re-visiting teachers and prayer leaders on the outer islands. She had the joy of training the Marshallese woman who took her place in the Religious Education office. “It is fulfilling my dream that the Marshallese take over the program and make it their own.”

In 2007, Sister Dora became a member of the Eastern U.S. Region and she and another Maryknoll Sister lived in an African American community in Chicago. Sister Dora was a Faith Formation Facilitator in a neighboring parish, and member of the Archdiocesan Vocation Association.

In September 2011, Sister Dora moved to the Sister’s Center at Maryknoll, NY where she continues to contribute her skills, services, interests,and talents to her Maryknoll Sisters and to the community at large.