Sister Gloria Agnes

Sister Gloria Ardeno Agnes, M.M.

Current Ministry Location-El Salvador

Sister Gloria Ardenio Agnes was born into a large family in the Philippines and earned a degree in religious studies from the Institute of Formation and Religious Studies (IFRS) in Quezon City in 2005. While at IFRS, Sister Gloria got to know two Maryknoll Sisters who taught there and was so impressed and inspired by their simplicity, their joy, and their commitment to social justice that she began to discern a vocation with the Maryknoll Sisters, attending a two-year training in Chicago before making her first vows.

“It is truly painful to leave one’s comfort zone, but it would be more painful and perhaps a lifetime of regret if I would not respond to God’s call,” says Sister Gloria.

Sister Gloria personifies the Maryknoll call to selflessness and the willingness to leave behind everything familiar and put in years of training to better serve those who are crying out for assistance, justice, dignity, and love.

Currently, Sister Gloria is on mission in El Salvador where she is a teacher.

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