Sister Janet Miller


Maryknoll, NY United States
“I participated in the African Church by listening, learning, being sensitive to the culture and traditions and by taking directions from what the people asked of me.”

Sister Janet MillerSister Janet Miller was born in Evansville, Indiana. Earning her B.S. in Elementary Education, she spent four years in Curriculum Development of a Science Program based on the day-to-day life experience of students from the rural agricultural sector. She joined Maryknoll in 1974 and this agricultural interest grew through her experiences in mission.

She is well prepared for her nine years as Co-Director of the Maryknoll Sisters Environmental Office. Her organizational, teaching and relational gifts are used in promoting the integrity of creation. If you look for Sister Janet at our Center you usually find her outdoors caring for the land for which Maryknoll Sisters have been entrusted. With other woodswomen, Sister Janet cleared an overgrown mile and a half walking trail through the woods, oversees tree care and the wetland buffered by the property, etc. Maryknoll works with Sisters Congregations along the Hudson, and others in NY with an environmental priority.

Assigned to Africa in 1976, Sister Janet taught in Nangwa Girls School and did pastoral work in Bariadi, Shinyanga, Tanzania, developing a Religious Education Program in Government Grade Schools, teacher training, and community development in agriculture and garden projects. Responding to a need in newly independent Zimbabwe, Sister Janet and several Maryknoll Sisters relocated to establish a mission presence there. She learned the Shona language and taught at Makumbe Secondary School. She discovered her “dream interest” when she enrolled in a year-long agriculture course and began teaching young people about mulching, organic farming and other agriculture methods.

Continuing her interest in Agriculture and Environment, Sister Janet joined efforts of the Maryknoll Sisters in Panama in the rain forest of Darien and Las Mañanitas.