Sister Jeong Mi Lee



United States

“I fell in love with the Maryknoll Sisters on Shin Ne Island. They loved the children and all the people and didn’t complain. They were so human! When I saw how the Sisters accepted their limitations and were not afraid of showing emotions, I fell in love wih them and wanted to join them.”

jmilee_lgSister Jeong Mi Lee of Pusan, Korea, studied at the Pusan Woman’s University, where she earned her B.A. in Art. She also studied Korean traditional dance. She and a friend even began a dance studio in Pusan.

Sister Jeong Mi began working with the Maryknoll Sisters on Shin Ne Island. She spent three years learning English while working with streetchildren in the Philippines.

Sister Jeong Mi celebrated her 29th birthday with the Maryknoll Sisters, where she entered in 1996. After her formation period and her Profession of Vows, Sister Jeong Mi was assigned to Zimbabwe, where she has been serving since 1996.

Sister Jeong Mi Lee’s ministry took shape with an outreach project of the National Ballet of Zimbabwe, which offers classes to children who are physically and mentally challenged.

Sister Jeong Mi feels good about the transformation that takes place when the children in her classes remove their artificial legs and arms, relax, sit on the floor, and enjoy the movements they can make to the music.