Sister Joyce Burch

Sister Joyce Burch

Sister Joyce Burch, M.M.

Current Ministry Location-Maryknoll Sisters Center

Sister Joyce, from Memphis, Tennessee, entered Maryknoll in 1955. She had already earned an A.A. degree from St. Catherine College, St. Catherine, KY, and a certificate in medical technology from St. Joseph Hospital in Memphis. She worked in Maryknoll’s support services for a year and then as a lab technician at Queen of the World Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

Sister Joyce went to Tanzania in 1961 and for two years learned the language and culture. She served as a lab technician in Kowak, Tanzania, beginning in 1963.

Sister Joyce returned to the United States in 1968 and earned her B.S. degree at Cornell University’s School of Nursing. She then went back to Africa, this time to Kenya. Sister Joyce was the head nurse in both the male and female wards of Kinango Hospital and then was the head nurse in the maternity ward.

Sister Joyce returned to Maryknoll in 1976 for four years of Congregational Service. She served in Chi Rho Arts, and then in the central health unit.

Sister Joyce then went to Tanzania, where she supervised in the Santa Maria Dispensary in Kung’ombe, Tanzania, in 1981.  She also worked with women’s groups and ministered in basic Christian communities.

Sister Joyce moved to Kenya, and she was a staff member at the Africa World Section House. She then learned all that she could about AIDS care and for years helped victims of AIDS.

Sister Joyce returned to the United States in 1999 and was the Secretariat in the Congregational Service office. She moved to the Maryknoll retirement community in Monrovia, California, in 2004.

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