Sister Margaret Rose Ibe

MaragaretIbe200x200Sister Margaret Rose entered Maryknoll on September 2, 1967 from St. Patrick’s Parish in Bayshore, Long Island, New York. Sister Margaret Rose worked at the Center from 1969-1972, in Treasury and at the Switchboard. She also received her B.S.E. at Mary Rogers College in 1972.

Sister Margaret Rose’s first foreign mission assignment was to Indonesia in 1972. After language study at Bandung she taught short courses on home economics and budgeting. From 1974-1976 she was a staff member of KUPERDA, an organization for the education of village leaders.

In 1976 Sister Margaret Rose returned to New York for her Reflection Year and earned her M.A. in Religious Studies from the Maryknoll Graduate School of Theology. In 1977 she was involved in literacy training, human rights group work and was a staff member of the Brazilian bishops program of international study days. She also worked several days a week in an outreach program sponsored by the Department of Community Medicine of St.Vincent’s Hospital in lower New York City.

In 1978 Sister Margaret Rose was assigned to Peru. She did language in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In 1979 Sister Margaret Rose began living in the parish at Ciudad de Dios in Lima. She started a parish team working in adult education and a community organization with women.

Sister Margaret Rose worked on the Vicariate Commission of Human Rights for eighteen years until the vicariate was made into the Diocese of Lurin. She was named Directress of the Diocesan Human Dignity Commission. The Commission runs four Centers of Access to Justice for the low or no-income people with a total of ten legal offices and four Resolution of Conflict offices.

Sister Margaret Rose says “During my years in mission I have always been blessed-graced with many opportunities for faith sharing relationships with the people.” She is lovingly called “Hermana Marita” an endearment , the Peruvians gave  her. They have adopted her as a compatriot having lived and worked among them for more than 40 years.

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