Sister Marilyn Ingraham

mingraham_lgSister Marilyn Ingraham began her mission journey in the United States, and after many years in Latin America, returned to her own country, living and working with Latin Americans who have made their home in the United States.

A few years after her birth in Palm Beach, Florida, Marilyn Ingraham and her family moved to Massachusetts where she attended grammar and high school, and she retains that unique New England accent. The oldest of ten children, she received her diploma from Wyndham Business School before joining Maryknoll in 1947.

After earning her B.E. from Maryknoll Teachers College, she taught in a primary school in St. Louis, MO before her assignment to the Bolivia/Peru Region in 1958. She spent many years in both countries as principal and teacher in the profession she loves. With a Masters in Special Education from Boston College she taught mentally challenged children in a Bolivian National Institute.

When Sister Marilyn returned to the States she continued teaching in New Mexico and CA. She is certified in Bilingual Education and later taught in the Brockton, MA and Providence, RI Public School Systems. In the Brooklyn, NY Diocese at Holy Trinity Parish, Williamsburg, she taught and tutored Hispanic children for ten years and was also able to help parents with immigration problems.

As a member of the Maryknoll Sisters Eastern U.S. Region, Sister Marilyn presently lives in Yonkers, NY and participates in the Maryknoll Affiliates NYC Subway Group. She dabs in water colors and volunteers in Maryknoll Residential Care cheering Sisters with her famous humor and driving or doing other services. Her long commitment to Justice and Peace continues as she writes to Congress and others regarding social justice issues.

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