Sister Marjorie Ann Bush

Bush, Marjorie AnnSister Marjorie Ann Bush, M.M.

Current Ministry Location-USA Region

Sometimes, the greatest gift a missioner can give to the people of the lands in which they serve is a tender, caring heart, ears that listen and a life that simply wants to extend to them the love of God.

Such has been one of the characteristic hallmarks of service that nutritionist, educator and pastoral agent Sister Marjorie Ann Bush, has brought to the people she served in New York City’s Chinatown, Taiwan, and Mainland China over the past 40 years.

Born in Staten Island, NY, Sister Marjorie Ann entered Maryknoll in 1956, earning a BA in Nutrition from Fontbonne College, St. Louis, MO, in 1966, and completing an internship in Dietetics at The New York Hospital in Manhattan, NY, in 1967.

Sister Marjorie Ann was then sent to Taiwan where, after studying the Taiwanese language, she was involved in pastoral work and nutritional education in a local parish for several years.  She then returned to the United States to give service at the Maryknoll Sisters Center in Ossining, NY.

In 1981, Sister Marjorie Ann earned an MA in Chinese studies from St. John’s University, Queens, NY, then studied theology at Maryknoll School of Theology from 1982-1983. After graduation, she served as director of the CCD and RCIA programs at St. James Parish, New York, NY, from 1983-1985.

Following a refresher courses in Taiwanese, Sister Marjorie Ann returned to Taiwan in 1986, where she was involved in training Catholic leaders in the formation of Small Christian Communities until 1995.

In 1999, Sister Marjorie Ann was assigned to Mainland China. She first taught English as a Second Language (ESL) at the Technical University of Surveying & Mapping in Wuhan, China, for a year and a half.  Then, for the next five years, she taught ESL at Jie Mei University in Xiamen. After this, she taught at Jiang Su Educational Institute in Nanjing, China, until 2010.

Sister Marjorie Ann returned to Maryknoll in 2010, and helped plan the Maryknoll Sisters’ Centennial Symposium, one of many activities in 2012 that highlighted Maryknoll Sisters 100th Anniversary.

In October of 2012, Sister Marjorie Ann moved to Yonkers, NY, where she currently lives with several other members of her congregation.  She now brings the same care and kindness expressed throughout her years as a Maryknoll Sisters to immigrant women, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in Yonkers, NY.  When not teaching, Sister Marjorie Ann volunteers as a Eucharistic Minister at St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, NY.


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