Sister Mary Aulson


Sister Mary Aulson, M.M.

Current Ministry Location-Monrovia, CA

Sister Mary, from Salem, Massachusetts, attended Barry College in Miami, Florida.   She entered Maryknoll in 1945, and graduated with a BA in Education from Rogers College in Maryknoll, New York.  In 1948 she went to Bolivia, where she was involved with catechetical, teaching and pastoral ministries.    She also worked with special needs children and marginated women.  Sister Mary was Coordinator for the Maryknoll Sisters in Bolivia, and Administrator of the Maryknoll Sisters residence where Sisters study the local language.  Sister Mary went to Lima, Peru, in 1965, and for three years worked on a pastoral team in a marginated area.   In 1968 she was asked to return to Bolivia, which she did.  While there, she helped teach religion to children in primary schools and ministered among women and parents.

Sister Mary has been involved in catechetical, teaching and pastoral ministries. She has worked with children with special needs and marginated women. She has served as Coordinator for the Maryknoll Sisters in Bolivia and has administered the Maryknoll Sisters residence serving language students. People from the eastern lowlands of Bolivia are called Cambas. This is an area where Sister Mary spent many years and she explains, “When some young whippersnapper at a desk wants to see my credentials and stuff, I say, ‘Listen, fella, I’ve been here longer than you have’.” When he answers, “But you’re not from here,” she quips,”What do you mean I’m not from here? I’m an Americamba!” For three years, 1965 to 1968, Sister Mary enjoyed working on a pastoral team in a marginated area in Lima, Peru but was asked to return to fill a need in Bolivia.

Sister Mary studied for a year at the Latin American Pastoral Institute in Medellin, Columbia.  For seven months in 1986, she went to northern Nicaragua, where she was a pastoral presence among Nicaraguans caught up in the country’s civil war.

Sister Mary returned from Riberalta, Bolivia, in 2012, and now resides at the Maryknoll Sisters House in Monrovia, California.

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