Sister Maureen Meyer

“Working with women and youth in Tanzania is an exciting challenge; a chance to share their hopes, fears, struggles and joys as they discover what it means to be Tanzanian, to be a poor nation, changing at a rate we never had to face in the past, yet in this process learning along with them what it means to be a Christian, believing, loving and hoping within the situation.”

Sister Maureen MeyerSister Maureen Meyer entered the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation on October 18, 1960 from Milwaukee. Her first mission was within the United States where she was part of the promotion team. She was also involved in adult education that prepared her for her next mission assignment in Tanzania where she taught in a secondary school in Morogoro.

With an invitation from the then President of Tanzania, Julius K. Nyerere, in 1975 she and three other Maryknoll Sisters started a pilot project in education in Nangwa which embodied the national goal of “Self-reliance.” She helped develop the curriculum, classroom schedule, work time, and collaborated with both parents and village leaders in the holistic development of the students.

Later as a pastoral agent in Kung’ombe Village Sister Maureen was involved in women’s development and basic Christian Community. She also took part in the daily lives of the village that included helping with the harvest, carrying water, visiting the sick or just sitting and talking.

After serving at the Maryknoll Center, she returned to Tanzania in 1998 to co-author a book, “Wisdom for Changing Times.” She also assisted with retreats and workshops, using materials from this book.

Sister Maureen is now part of the Emusoi Center in Arusha where she teaches Oral English to girls who are in pre-form one (a level in school that reviews all they learned in primary school so they can take exams to gain entrance to private secondary schools).  In this course Sister Maureen teaches conversational English and confidence building.