Sister Rosalva Sandi


East Timor

Sister Rosalva has made a great change of venue, having been born high in the cold climate of the Andes Mountains of Bolivia and now serving in the very warm, tropical climate of East Timor.

rsandi_lgSister Rosalva Sandi was born in Potosí, Bolivia. Before joining the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation, she was a computer programmer. She earned her BA in systems analysis from El Instituto Superior Amerindia and her Licentiate BS in computer science from the Univesity San Andrés, both located in La Paz, Bolivia.

After her period of formation and her Profession of Vows, Sister Rosalva was assigned to East Timor in 2002. She conducts health education programs for the many refugees in East Timor. She is also very involved in providing clean water and good nutrition for Timorese children.

Malaria prevention is another goal toward which Sister Rosalva is working. Along with all this, she has also been teaching at the school in Aileu, where she lives with six other Maryknoll Sisters.

Sister Rosalva recently reunited with four other Sisters to share together their experiences in mission. They’ll prepare for their final vows to live the rest of their lives as Maryknoll Sisters. Sister Rosalva professed her Final Vows in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Her current project is the Aileu Resource and Training Center, which offers classes in skills such as computers and literacy in the surrounding Timorese communities.