Sister Rose Christopher McKeegan



Sister Rose Christopher says of herself, “As a victim of skin cancer myself, I do not want to see our young students suffer from this illness if protective measures can be put in place to prevent this from happening.”

rchristophermckeegan_lgMaryknoll Sister Rose Christopher, of Brooklyn, NY, has spent the greater part of her life as a Maryknoll Sister educating the youth of Bolivia, both in the jungle area of the Beni and even longer in Cochabamba. Her devotion and care for her students and teachers is legendary.

Sister Rose Christopher graduated from St. Joseph’s Commercial H.S. in Brooklyn,NY, after which she worked as a typist in the New York Telephone Company for two years. She entered the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation in 1950. She earned her B.Ed. from Maryknoll Teachers College, Maryknoll, NY. Sister was assigned to Bolivia in 1959. She taught in secondary school in Riberalta, Beni, Bolivia, from 1960-64, and directed the sports activities of the students as well. Sister Rose Christopher was then assigned to Cochabamba, Bolivia, where she was part-time teacher in the Canadian Sisters Commercial School and in Maryknoll High School, where she acted both as supervisor and taught Religion, English and Physical Education. She continues as Education Coordinator in both Maryknoll High School and the primary section. One cannot think of Maryknoll High School in Cochabamba without thinking of Sister Rose Christopher who has been part of the scene since 1964. Locally known as Hermana Cristela, she is rightly proud of the fact that the school can boast of having some of the top students in the country, many of whom go on to the university needing no preliminary courses. Well known in Cochabamba by thousands of present and former students, Hermana Cristela stays ever young as she continues to influence the minds and hearts of young Bolivian men and women. She also administers the Santa Ana Clinic.

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