Sister Sia Temu

Sister Sia Temu is a member of a Maryknoll Sisters team for peace-building in Kenya.

stemu_lgSister Sia Nyasari Temu was born in Moshi, Tanzania, number six of eleven children. Sia earned a diploma from Monduli Teachers’ College in Arusha, Tanzania with majors in Physics and Mathematics. Upon graduation she taught mathematics in Girls Secondary School for two years before entering the Maryknoll Sisters in 2003.

Sister Sia’s attraction to Maryknoll began while she was in secondary school. Maryknoll Sisters Connie Krautkremer and Efu Nyaki, a Tanzanian on her home visit before going to her mission in Brazil, spoke to the students in Sia’s school. Sia remembers thinking at that time, “I can do that. I would like to do that!” She is still attracted to the Maryknoll Sisters, not only because of their ministries, but more because of their way of being in ministry, learning new languages, and being willing to go to remote areas. She also appreciates the Sisters’ concern to treat all with respect and dignity, their flexible lifestyle, welcoming hospitality, and personal responsibility.

In 2006, Sister Sia was assigned to the Peace Building Team in Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya. The focus of this team’s ministry is “Conversations for Social Change,” a program designed to prototype a process to effect social change through personal transformation. The team published A Psycho-Social Response to Post-Election Violence in Kenya in April 2009.

In July 2011 in Kenya, Sister Sia Temu renewed her vows as a Maryknoll Sister.