Sister Suzanne (Sue) Rech

“Our life’s vocation is a personal summons from God to be happy, fully alive, integrated in service and in relationship with others.”

srech_lgSister Sue Rech was born in Pittsburgh, PA. She entered the Maryknoll Sisters’ Congregation in 1962, where she earned college degrees in community service from Mary Rogers College at Maryknoll, NY.

In 1971, Sister Sue was assigned to Mwanza, Tanzania, where she was engaged in youth and women’s rural education. She also served on pastoral teams in Shinyanga and Sayu Sayu and became involved in community development. Sister Sue then moved to Arusha, Tanzania, where she served as part of a pastoral team at the Kinjunji Catholic Mission until 1982.

Sister Sue returned to the United States to serve in mission education and promotion work for the Congregation for three years before returning to Tanzania and the Olkokla Mission in Arusha. In that role, she was part of a diocesan team focusing on women’s development.

After a year of study and family ministry in the United States, Sister Sue returned to Arusha to teach leadership skills, conduct literacy classes, implement development projects, and carry out pastoral work among Maasai women.

In 2004, Sister Sue began mentoring young women preparing to become the newest generation of Maryknoll missioners. For five years, she helped direct our Chicago-based formation program for Maryknoll Sisters candidates.

Now, Sister Sue is back in Tanzania. She’s helping women there to make a living for their families through small businesses Sister Sue is helping them form.