Sr. Susan (Sue) Baldus

Sister Sue Baldus, M.M.

Current Ministry Location-Maryknoll Sisters Center

Sister Sue (Susan) is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She earned a BS in Occupational Therapy from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and worked as an occupational therapist. She entered Maryknoll in 1960.

Sister Sue went to Land of the Morning Calm in Korea in 1964, and she considers that her second home, having lived there for thirty-six years. The work she did while in mission in Korea was varied, but always centered around helping her neighbors.

Sister Sue taught English at Dae Gun Boys Middle and High School in Inchon. At the Maryknoll Hospital in Pusan she developed a full-scale Rehabilitation Department, and she was the English secretary for the Korean hospital administrator. She also helped doctors in rotating to the States for experience at an American hospital.

Sister Sue noticed there was a need to help young physically-challenged women gain their independence, and she helped them create the Jisan Self-Reliance Center, where women can work and live outside their homes. The women developed a sewing business, which helped them gain some financial independence. Sister Sue also helped the women learn social skills and develop good personal relationships. After six years she turned over direction of the Center to the Korean Benedictine Sisters.

Sister Sue then went to Seoul, where she had a variety of roles: she visited young men living with AIDS, she did rehabilitation work at a clinic for the homeless, and she helped young Korean women discern their life vocation.

Sister Sue returned to Maryknoll and became Coordinator of the Eden Community of Maryknoll Residential Care in 2003. She has served on the Central Orientation team for candidates preparing for mission and Maryknoll, she has been on the Mission Awareness & Promotion team, and she was on the logistics team that prepared for the 2008 General Assembly of Maryknoll Sisters. In 2010 Sister Sue was elected Co-Coordinator of the Rogers community at Maryknoll.

Currently, Sister Sue spends her time volunteering in the health field and in the Maryknoll Sisters Center treasury department.

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