Happy Easter!

As we celebrate Easter, our thoughts turn to renewal, rebirth and resurrection!

Christ’s Resurrection was a second chance for all humanity… a chance to turn from the wrong path and find new life in God’s love. It’s a gift that is available to everyone, though sometimes we need help finding and recognizing it.

In her mission in East Timor, Sister Susan Wangazi, MM works to help the poor and  disadvantaged find that renewal. This small island nation near Australia experiences significant poverty which, as always, falls heavily on the women and children.

Poverty and poor self-image are two problems that often go hand-in-hand, reinforcing eachother. Sister Susan runs a Women’s Income Generation group to address both. She tells us, “The group’s objectives are to empower women by promoting small businesses, and to help them value their lives through educational, artistic and spiritual activities.” In addition to advice and moral support, the group also offers women loans to help them start their own small businesses. The women then repay the loans gradually, with the money being put back into the program.

Sister Susan Wanzagi (bottom right) with members of the Women’s Income Generation Group in Aileu, East Timor.



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Disease and health issues are also a problem with the people Sister Susan works with, many of which can be improved by better education. “We provide a seven-month Introduction to Public Health course. Its purpose is to reduce the level of ignorance about human sexuality, sexually transmitted illnesses, pregnancy, hygiene and nutrition… and how to become health promoters in their families and community.”

Other aspects of the mission include a youth group and a children’s group. “We hold different activities with the youth group throughout the year, including a retreat, visiting people who are in need and giving them gift packages, praying together and singing together. We have more than 100 people in the group right now, with nearly a quarter of them receiving financial assistance for university studies.”

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Easter is a time for renewal, and that renewal is often brought by people like Sister Susan, who dedicates her life to it through her work… and you, who enable her to do it through your kind support. Your friendship is a blessing!

We really appreciate the generosity of our donors who support us in our mission in different ways,” Sister Susan says. “It helps women, young people and children gain self-confidence, start healing their wounds and acquire knowledge and skills for new starts in life.”

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