Mothers Are Precious

This Mother’s Day…we will pray for the special mothers in your life!

The relationship between Mother and Child is literally the first thing we experience. In most cases it’s the most important feature of our early childhood, and our mothers remain precious to us throughout our lives, even after they’re no longer with us.

A mother is not just a life-giver, but an educator, protector, healer, consoler, and source of encouragement and inspiration.

The Maryknoll Sisters consider this kind of love to be the inspiration and the guiding light of their ministry… whether that ministry is in the field on mission, or at prayer in the Sisters Center. Every member of our community strives to act from such selfless love.

If a Mother’s love could be a fortune to you, you would be rich indeed. Alas, it is poor coin in this world, but be assured it will have its interest in heaven where it solicits, I may truly say, day and night, for every blessing on you. – Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Sister Molly Mertens on mission in Taiwan.

A mother strives to make sure her family has enough to eat and drink, a place to stay, a healthy lifestyle, and care when they are sick. She works to make sure they are not mistreated. This is what each of our Sisters in mission try to accomplish for the precious community in which she serves.

This Mothers Day—Sunday, May 9—the Maryknoll Sisters will keep the mothers in your life in their prayers.

Any financial gift YOU can send along with your prayers will help enable the Maryknoll Sisters to keep bringing motherly care, love and prayer wherever they go and whatever they do.

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The people who receive that care will bless you… so will the Sisters…and so will God!

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